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Dealer stocking program

Euro Home Decor works not only with individual customers, but with wall and ceiling decor providers, dealers and other retail spaces across the GTA. Our specially designed Dealer Stocking Program offers numerous advantages to retailers, construction and design shops, and wall decoration showrooms – at no extra cost.

The Dealer Program

Euro Home Decor supplies the stock for a wide range of wall covering and decoration products. These include the highest quality wallpapers, wallcovering, wallpaper borders, murals, decorative panels, ceiling medallions and cornice moldings. We can advise the members of our Dealer Program on the optimal product selection tailored to your store, allowing you to stock the broadest range of high-volume items and the most in-demand products.

Once you sign up as our dealer and choose the stock, it will be delivered to you in optimal quantities, so that you will have items in-store available to be sold immediately. You will also get access to our full catalogue of inventory, any item of which we will be ready to deliver to you within 24 hours on request. It will not be necessary for you to raise warehousing costs to store all the stock available. Should a customer requst an item from our inventory, we will deliver it to your location in time for the customer to come pick it up.

What We Offer

In addition to the stock we deliver to you, we will also provide graphic and promotional materials to be displayed in your store – such as displays and brochures – for any product you require.

Once you become our dealer, we will create a comprehensive marketing plan targeting your desired customer base, be it an end user or an industry buyer (designer, installer or construction professional). The marketing plan will focus on online sales and leads – driving web traffic to your website, either to complete sales online at your online store (if applicable) or to entice the customer to visit your retail location.

Geolocation targets and organic search results in the search engines (specifically Google) will ensure that you will get only the most interested clients in need of the exact product you have to offer, already motivated and ready to make a purchase. These customers will be close to your location geographically, significantly increasing the likelihood of a store visit and lowering your costs of delivery (if applicable).

More Advantages of the Program

There are no additional costs associated with joining our Dealer Stocking Program. You pay our warehouse prices for the stock you choose. We provide the marketing and promotional materials, without charging you extra for the advertising and web traffic we send your way.

You will get access to a vast inventory of wall decor and wallcovering products – without expanding your own storage or warehouse facilities. We will deliver all the additional stock you require on demand, within a 24-hour window.

You will receive numerous highly motivated, ready-to-buy customers who are actively looking for what you have to offer on Google and are ready to come to your store to make a purchase. Increased foot traffic and additional sales of ancillary products are guaranteed. Customers buying products in-store will be interested in complementing their purchases with additional items. Using our in-store displays, you can promote the sales of all your inventory. The quality of products and speed of service you provide will ensure that you will secure repeat business and increase your store performance overall.