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Modern Wallpaper - Latest Trends

Posted by admin 04/01/2021 0 Comment(s)

Do you want to give your home a quick update? Decorating with wallpaper is the simplest and cheapest way to update your home. If you're going to bring modern vibes and don't know which wallpaper to choose, don't worry. In this post, we have you covered with the latest trends for wallpaper!

Gold modern wallpaper

Gold wallpaper is a great way to bring a dose of luxury to the space. If you already have gold hardware such as light fixtures, knobs, and handles, the wallpaper will add to the cohesive look. Gold goes perfectly with jewel tones, such as purple, emerald, and royal blue. 

Modern bedroom wallpaper

When picking the right wallpaper for the bedroom, make sure that it brings serenity and calmness. Neutral colours are your best pick, as you should avoid dynamic tones and patterns. A taupe wallpaper with subtle roses is a perfect choice if you look for modern bedroom wallpaper. 

Modern wallpaper for bathrooms

If you think that your bathroom is boring and dull, it is time to consider adding wallpaper. For modern bathrooms, choose a subtle print in charcoal tone. It is perfect for adding visual interest to minimalist and sleek designs. Whether you prefer to have wallpaper only or a combination with tiles, there are many waterproof options available. 

Modern wallpaper designs

If you are into bringing contemporary vibes, consider adding geometric prints. These modern wallpaper designs will make the space look bold and make a statement. The combination of taupe and white brings visual interest but doesn't overwhelm the space. Besides, it is a perfect fit for rooms with accent furniture. 

Modern jungle wallpaper

Tropical prints are a huge trend, so make sure to add a modern jungle wallpaper to make a statement. If you have lots of plants, then this would be the perfect addition to your home. Bring that awkward wall back to life with this subtle print. 

Elegant modern wallpaper

If you want something elegant and modern, the damask print is the thing that you are looking for. All those lovely details in a neutral colour will bring versatility to your room. Whether you want to add an elegant touch to your bedroom or make the living room look more luxurious, this is the wallpaper that you will never go wrong with. Besides, we have a wide range of damask pattern wallpaper so that everyone can find the perfect fit. 

Modern wallpaper for living room

If you want a modern wallpaper for your living room, consider this option. The black and white print is perfect if you're going to bring visual interest but still keep the minimalist vibes. On the other hand, it will lift the eye and make the ceiling appear visually taller. Interior decorators often use this trick to make the room airy and spacious. 

After checking these trends, it is time to make the final choice. We invite you to visit our modern wallpaper section and find the wallpaper that suits your style and preference among the 300,000 designs available. 


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