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Floral Wallpaper - The Most Decorative Wall Décor

Posted by admin 07/05/2021 0 Comment(s)

Do you want to add a visual touch to your home but still keep the high-end vibes? With their incredible versatility, floral wallpaper designs can complement any interior style. Ranging from bold and colourful to more subtle and neutral-toned patterns, they are an excellent way to create a focal point that draws the eye. If you don’t know how to decorate with floral wallpaper, don’t worry. In this post, we share some excellent ideas and tricks used by professionals.

Dreamy Girl Bedroom

If you are looking for a way to add visual interest to a girl’s bedroom, you can never go wrong with floral wallpaper. This playful pink design is suitable for girls of any age, especially the ones that don’t find their old cartoon-inspired wallpaper convenient anymore.


Majestic Rose Accent Wall

If the space appears to be too dull and boring, enhance the mood by introducing an elegant floral wallpaper. This fantastic design will add a pop of colour in a moderate dose while still not overwhelming the space. Think of it as an excellent way to introduce a touch of uniqueness in the living room or romantic ambiance in your bedroom. To achieve a colour balance, add red accents through the space in the form of intriguing decor elements. 



Elegant Powder Room

Dressing up your powder room in dark and bold floral wallpaper is a huge trend. Don’t be one of the homeowners that neglect the powder room just because it is small. Feel free to introduce a fantastic floral wallpaper for maximum visual impact. If you adore moody and outstanding designs, don’t miss this eye-catchy wallpaper. Pair with a brass frame mirror and scones for a luxurious look. 


Bold Oriental Wall

If you are a huge oriental decor fan, then the bold floral wallpaper will perfectly fit the concept. If you already have bold furnishing, we recommend that you keep it neutral with the wallpaper. This oriental floral wallpaper design will add exotic vibes without overpowering the other elements in the room. 


Bold Bohemian Florals

If you are after the uniqueness and warmth of Boho style, this fantastic floral wallpaper is the ideal fit for your home. The muted colours combined with the versatile print will bring the desired edgy appearance. Our recommendation is to highlight its beauty with a dark wood dresser anchored with a bold mirror and macrame details. 



Useful trick: Don’t limit the floral wallpaper use to walls only. Take advantage of it and turn your boring plain bookcase into an exclusive and well-curated home library. All you need to do is line the back of the bookcase with colourful floral wallpaper before you stack the books and decor. This smart trick will bring luxurious vibes, even when it won’t cost you much. 



If you don’t know where to get premium quality wallpaper that matches your preference, don’t worry. Euro Home Decor has you covered with a wide range of floral wallpaper choices, available online and in our Toronto showroom. Feel free to use the most convenient option for you and get your floral wallpaper today! 


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