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Six Ideas for Fireplace Framing

Posted by admin 22/02/2021 0 Comment(s)

The fireplace is an essential element that adds coziness and deluxe vibes to your home. When you include this feature in your home, think about how you want to blend it with the surrounding. If you dream of having a homey mantel to hang your Christmas stockings or other seasonal decors, this post is for you. We suggest different ideas for fireplace framing so that you can choose the thing that matches your preference and taste. 


Cozy Up With Limestone

To show off the fireplace's real beauty, make it cohesive with the surrounding. This faux limestone brick wall complements the fireplace and turns it into the room's focal point. The unfinished texture in a neutral color will add a wow factor to any space. 

Tip: Add a basket with firewood to curate the fireplace and bring a second texture to spice things up. 

Make A Bold Statement With Crude Stone

Suppose the fireplace feels disconnected from the other elements, anchor with a design that fits the home's color scheme. The neutral-colored unfinished texture of crude stone will frame the fireplace, creating a homey mantle. No need to splurge because the stone 3D panels are available online for an excellent price. 

Create A Subtle Accent With White Faux Bricks

If you prefer to keep things neutral, consider this white faux brick design. It proves that neutral doesn't have to mean boring, as the rough texture enhances the clean aesthetics. This decorating trick gives you plenty of freedom regarding seasonal decor, so feel free to experiment. 

Bring Rustic Vibes With Faux Wood Wallpaper

If the living room lacks warmth, frame the fireplace with faux wood wallpaper. This addition will bring the rustic charm into the space and introduce a dose of natural texture. The cozy atmosphere will make you want to snug in your blanket and enjoy the view. 


Earthy Faux Brick Wallpaper

If you want to bring coziness in the form of a fireplace, look no further. The unfinished earthy-tone faux bricks are a perfect pick for fireplace framing. Feel free to take the detailing up to the ceiling and create a stunning accent wall. Curl up next to your new fireplace and enjoy the evening. 

Dramatic faux tiles

If you are looking for a suitable option for elegant and contemporary styles, go for the dark faux tile wallpaper. Don't be afraid to go bold and bring a versatile finish to achieve the deluxe feeling in your living room. A floor-to-ceiling option would work perfectly, bringing bold contrast to white walls and completing a dramatic effect. 


Tip: Finish the look with two elegant sconces above the mantel. This trick will create symmetry and make the fireplace look pleasing to the eye. 


We hope that these ideas helped you choose the correct fireplace framing. We have plenty of options available that will fit any style and color scheme. Visit our online store or showroom in Toronto to obtain the materials needed to finish this project!


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