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What is Damask Wallpaper?

Posted by admin 29/04/2021 0 Comment(s)

What is the Damask pattern that everyone is talking about? This authentic pattern features a floral print and flowy curves, embraced together in the sense of harmony. The detailed botanical design can complement a wide range of styles while elegantly adding a visual interest dose. The recognizable Damask vine was an inseparable part of graceful Victorian homes, giving off luxurious vibes. We can state that it is one of the classic prints that will never go out of fashion. 


Origins of The Damask Vine

The Damask pattern originates from China as a particular weaving practice that added rich patterns to expensive fabrics. It got its name from Damascus, a trading port where the authentic material gained popularity. 


Meant for the royalty, the Damask vine was used in France in the form of upholstery and drapes. The classic fabric with intriguing baroque details is a staple of style and luxury ever since. Nowadays, the Damask pattern is widely used in wallpapers to add elegance in a versatile way.


How To Decorate With Damask Wallpaper

Whether you want to bring a baroque mood or Victorian vibes to your home, the Damask vine is the ultimate choice. If you aren’t sure how to pull off this trend, we give you a few helpful tips and tricks. 


Right Proportions

The size of the Damask pattern does matter, as oversized prints tend to be bold. For spacious rooms, use a larger baroque pattern to achieve a balanced look. This black and white Victorian pattern gives off high-end vibes and makes a statement with the scaled pattern. Hence, it is a perfect fit for open and spacious rooms. 


Pick According To Your Interior Style

The versatility of the Damask vine makes it a perfect fit for any interior style. If you favour modern styles, opt for a contrasting pattern. For traditional or baroque styles, stick to rich Victorian patterns with gold details. These will add a sense of luxury and complement your furnishings. 


Go Subtle

If you are afraid of overdoing the baroque print, don’t worry. Your safest option is to feature a light colour scheme that is low in contrast. This will add the needed visual interest in a subtle and relatively neutral way. We highly recommend this baroque print that comes in a cream and taupe combination. 


Mix And Match

The Damask vine is quite versatile, opening lots of options for mixing and matching. If you prefer a cohesive and elegant look, feel free to mix Damask patterns of different scales. This high-end print has a small-scale Damask vine, perfect for pairing with larger patterns. 


Tip: For contemporary and edgy looks, feel free to complement the Damask pattern with other classic prints. Some of the best options are stripes and polka dot patterns. Make sure to keep your colour scheme consistent for a balanced impression. 


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